08 April, 2010

In the Whole World

Step one:
Walk across bridge, wearing loud skirt and quiet shoes.
Before Step one:
Exit house, walk to bridge while covered in equinoctial light.
Step two: (in no particular order)
Avoid being run over by cars, swear at drivers who honk horns, DO NOT be late.
Step three:
Debate over coffee in coffee shop named after caramel candy beans.
Step four:
Purchase coffee (un lechero sencillo) And add one sugar And stir And do not sit down.
Step 5:
Walk quickly, as if feet were wheels, reaching the house that looks like peaches and crème.
Step 6:
Ring bell, take off shoes, dust off feet, go inside, say hello to youngest by caressing obsidian bangs, smile politely to curly-haired stoic movie star with metal smile, chase oldest up the stairs, asking about school, day, homework, pets.
Step 7:
Look for pencil. Sigh.

1 comment:

Raquel del Toro said...

One day we will sit down. in the whole world.