11 October, 2016

Catch Your Breath

Catch your breath
I love you insufficiently
Tell me let me count the ways

If only the gods could apologize
Catch their breaths
I love you all insufficiently

I don’t understand how we got here
I don’t think you really know me

Catch your breath
It’s not enough for you to love me
Tell me we aren’t lost
and that the gods haven’t left

Grey Boxes

I’ve never wanted to feel my best
all of the time
We are all taught by someone
how best to hide our misgivings,
when best to seduce away discomforts
I know there is no net

I’ve only been disemboweled a few times
Does that answer your question?
I want to be able to give an answer
that pertains to everything
the way magic solves the strange urgency
to weep

I want to be able to write:
I was an ice cube
gently melting in the cocktail
I was somersaulted,
but I wasn’t taught to do that

I am in the dark
I do not sit inside grey boxes
I was taught to be severe
to keep myself safe
My charm is a soft sadness
Blanketing all you think is there

If I Invite You for Soup

It is solid work
to grow space
for the New
for all of you

there isn’t any water
and no talking
but to the Dead

I put cinnamon
in almost everything
will have to remember, too

Sometimes, it gets cold
I get cold
I want the New now
I can’t apologize for time spent

Yes I remember
all the steps
I remember euphoria
I know how much salt it calls for

Collected stones
under many seas
boil carefully,
children’s leftover wonders

But all of you
have already eaten
I wish I could grow faster
And keep my monsters better fed