26 January, 2012

Sin Titulo

Siempre sin juzgar
pero a veces con decepción,
nos mantenemos flotando y vagando,
detenidas por nuestras memorias,
y nuestro amor.

Falta de paciencia, empatía, y vergüenza,
pelea con el exceso de emoción, sumisión, y enojo.

Siempre sin juzgar,
pero también siempre con amor,
nos mantenemos firmes y seguras,
detenidas por nuestra fuerza, amistad,
y nuestro amor.


Juiced vegetables grow inside my stomach
as I attempt to shrink malnutrients and malcontentedness.

Beets and broccoli stain my cupboards and skin,
while the keratin and pectin spoil within my arteries.

The plastic and metal whizz in fury,
smashing vitamins down to their square rooted form.

The entrails of the Earth’s ingestibles are flung
out, rainbowed in waste bins while the I pour the juice-blood.


Barnacled love
follows patiently through
flotsam and jetsam
ebb and flow
starboard and port,
marooned on a desert isle.

Barnacled love
migrates serenely with
whales and lobsters
terns and albatrosses
salmon and sailfish,
deserted and left to rot.

Barnacled love
studies intently with
an x and a spot,
maps and treasures,
tales and taboos,
bloated with lost adventure.


Interestingly enough, and perhaps unsurprisingly so, you have
Never failed to quite terrifically fill me with glee, with your
Kind eyes and new skin, with your unhesitant love and whimsy for life,
As I arrogantly assume it will always be as pleasant and simple as it is right now.

Los Zafiros

Velvet voices with marimba
harmonically serenade all love.

Tropical tempo with soul
defiantly sways our hips.

Lamenting lyrics with sorrow
bittersweetly expresses their joy.

12 January, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year consists of gray sighs and grey suits,
winter shivers and knowing glances,
shy drinks and shyer drinkers.

Happy New Year consists of year-old confessions,
Lightning-fast promises,
and morning-ready resolutions.

Happy New Year consists of twelve grapes and graped toasts,
loud smiles and clumsy tears,
strong hugs and stronger silences.


Head full of light,
with wired eyes and knowing heart,
you chase smiles and memories
with energetic calm.

Your mass is dense,
full of lentils and stars,
supporting beams of steel and honor
with enameled love.

Ubiquitous First Snow of the Season Poem

It falls
pitter and patter
on blankets of itself
on blankets of concrete.

It sticks
softly and silently
with snowflakes of light
with snowflakes of sea.

It melts
slushy and soupy
from bags of salt
from bags of heat.

One Year

One year has passed,
suddenly and silently and gracefully,
stretching skins and tempers and patiences,
growing organs older and loves stronger.

One year has passed,
violently and magically and permanently,
testing balances and strengths and weaknesses,
casting shadows longer and spells sleeker.

One year has passed,
triumphantly and harmoniously and swiftly,
blending musics and languages and systems,
devouring information faster and vegetables wholer.