Missed Exit- Day 4

The electricity required to light the way for any man, woman, or child, all pilgrims on this anonymous and infamous road, was paramount. At this point in human’s history, there was more than enough technology to use less harsh, more renewable forms of energy to create resources that would let people get from one place to another. The highway itself was able to power the vehicles some of the time, based on the friction between the rubber tires and the black asphalt that glowed deeply in the dusk. Still, physics and the science of things was not enough to fuel the necessity required by humanity to harness the highway and its potential.

There was often not enough light.

The reflections from the high-beams of the automobiles against the pavement and the fancy highway signs and the paint dividing one lane from the other was magical. Dancing, joyful beams of light matched the effervescent lights from the celestial bodies outside the atmosphere. The high-fructose greens that laid out distances and directions across the web of the highway’s mileage that disciplined the drivers on where to go, were radiant even at midnight. Only at the witching hour would the lights grow somber, creating a sweet haven for fear and revelry. The electricity, sparse but ubiquitous, was needed in order to spread the sense of possibility and accomplishment. The highway was long and treacherous. Without light and heat to guide one upon it, there would be no way to reach any destination.