12 March, 2014

The Orgy

The orgy took place, obviously, that Spring:
an entire polis, as if rehearsing diligently
all throughout the barren months of the year,
managed to climax together.

Soon after the Great Melts, as they would
one distant day be called by great distant
people, the Sun began flirtatiously
dancing again on Skin, Hair- causing Heat.

These Great Melts caused massive floods-
in between bedsheets and beneath curtains,
pouring through the ceilings and into cellars,
all the Ice streamed into puddles on streets.

Large lakes made from passions and melted
snow, threatening with months of tired,
dirty, unforgiving weight, encompassed all
and made the Orgy wet and tremendous.

No one was prepared or equipped
with the necessary provisions of thesse
newly found rabid energies, previously
entangled with blankets and cold winds.

Aching joints and soft muscles covered
in mucous were at once lifted into sensual
movement, unreleased, frenzied, filled with
the vernal memory of intimacy and flowers.

Frenzy, of course, lead to the famous Dog Days,
when Time became too heavy to leap
from fat idleness to unscripted passion,
and instead sat stubbornly still, sweating.

The Orgy had lasted for only months, rolling,
finally reaching its own peak once the
sweat was no longer novel and the Sun
began to stay out longer than needed.

The Daydream

The best part of all when one’s sweet on someone is not precisely
that moment when they finally speak to you, instantly or over
the telephone, or most elusively in the face to face sort of
way. Nor is it the actual meeting and exchange of glance
and breath and time, even though one would think this
would be the bull’s-eye… It comes at Solitude’s pace,
in between the hours of the day that require care,
filling in these fissures with a physical, buoyant
light. This moment to decide the where, who,
and when, all directed inwardly for a stab of
self-love and self-loathing. This daydream
makes the possibilities seem glorious,
no matter the improbability of such
a fantasy being replicated by The
Reality. Small bursts of joy go
into the veins, feeding cells
and causing the body
itself to continue
working, if only
to prove that
help to