16 February, 2011

Snow Haiku

It sits gently quiet.
Piled, it creates memories.
It melts and wets all.

Winter Commute Haiku

We’ve done this before.
Battling through wet, cold spaces.
All journeys drag on.


Thinking about it from a biological point of view,
your mouth is sincere and crucial.
You need it the mostest!

Sure, you can smile with it.
And beam at me with your light and chemistry,
causing me to fall in love more.

You use it for comfort,
slobbering over hands, fingers, plastics.
Your exploration begins here.

Better yet, you can use it to drink and eat,
every hour on the hour.
You cough up excess and gain weight.

One day you’ll learn how to laugh,
but for now, your noises are less emotive.
Hiccup, cough, burp, grunt, yell, sigh.

Most of all, the tool is for saying
“I am here”, please don’t forget.
I see you and you see me.

Without it, your face would look creepy.
Imagine such a beautiful new face without
its hole to balance out the rest.

Most importantly, because of your age-paralysis,
you’d be left lonely, sad, hungry, cold, upset.
Your existence is based around it.


The spinning orbs, candy-colored and hindu-numbered,
shake rattle and roll across green carpet.

Their momentum
depends on skill level, interest, geometry/trigonometry,
and most importantly inebriation levels.

A record machine
plays old love songs, aching and sighing
while the orbs pocket themselves in darkness.

Two lovers compete;
the green carpet is a battlefield, candy-orbs are landmines.
Their hymns tell battle stories, caked in memory.

Everyone appears
much more beautiful, sexy, visceral, capable
as they push the orbs through their space.

01 February, 2011


Sometimes, you look at me
like you know what I’m talking about.

I read you poems and sing you songs
and tell you about the future.
Traveling, and learning about wolves, and pumpkins…
Being able to hold your head upright.

A need for real clothing without feet attached,
biology class and Chuck Berry.
All the foods you still haven’t even started to taste,
and all the potential energy we can muster.

Sometimes, you seem to smile.
But it could just be face practice.

When you do smile, or even scowl
or cry or whimper or cough or sneeze,
I laugh and hug you tighter than before.
I have to be careful of suffocation.

I can detect your voice amongst all the other
penguins in the great huddle.
Only your squawk creates such waves of joy
and wonder throughout my veins.

Sometimes, you do lots of different things.
Mostly though, you sleep, dreaming about
who knows what.
You look pristine, absolute, pure.

You hold within you World Peace which
will soon be ruined, or at least put away
into some deep dark place-
the drawer we all keep World Peace in once age sets in.

It’s been fifteen days exactly since I met you,
and already I can’t imagine this planet without your presence.
Your grey-brown eyes and gesticulations and
great warmth fuel my organs.

With the chemicals shared between us,
I invite you to stay as buoyant and unruffled
as you are now.
And with each passing day, know that your existence
creates in me balance, peace, and light.



Smallpox was eradicated in 1979.
It is caused by infection with variola virus.
The virus is brick-shaped and has a hairpin loop at each end.

There are other poxes, too!

Monkeypox is an exotic virus.
It actually infects rodents more often than primates.
But mousepox doesn’t sound as exciting.

Chickenpox is airborn, and highly contagious.
Enemies of this pox include rest and oatmeal baths.
It’s the wimpiest of the poxes.

Cowpox beat smallpox in the boxing ring.
Mostly it hurt dairy maids who touched dirty udders.
Vaccination evolved and now we’re all safe.

Let's Get Our Love On

Don’t you think it’s about time
we sorted this whole thing out?
I’m pretty sure you feel the same way
as I do.

That being said,
I cordially invite you to whip up some
adventure and intrigue so that we
can start anew.

I have all the ingredients
on the kitchen table and have the oven pre-heating.
All you have to do is follow the recipe.
And Voila!

Once it’s in the oven,
all we’ll have to do is wait patiently
for the steam to boil through and
yeast to rise.

I think it only takes forty-five minutes or so.
In the meantime, we can play Yahtzee.
As our love-soufflĂ© tries to well…

Just let me know if I have the right measurements.
I think that, given our muscles and memories,
we probably won’t even need to
study the recipe.

Storm Storm

Extra Extra!
The Storm of the Century is a-brewin’!
Stock up on canned goods!
Load up your pantries with:
Don’t leave the house unless necessary!
Be prepared for:
High powered winds
White-out driving conditions
Sub-freezing temperatures
The end is Nigh!

Oh wait…
I forgot snow melts.