12 July, 2014

The Triumph

And just like that, the triumph is gone.
We all cope awkwardly
with the end of this triumph.
We all remember laughter most,
and weep when it is gone.
And that triumph in laughing
despite ending, sends movement
forward for other triumphs.

But the cease of it
can conquer all joy.

We all have someone to mourn,
someone to let go of,
someone who, when their triumph ends,
will cause ruptures in us.
Coping and laughing,
shared space and patterns,
empathy blankets and comforts
as our lights go out one by one.

1000 Love Letters

1000 love letters
sent by 1000 lovers
all say the same thing.

I'm crazy (for you)!
Are you crazy too?
Let's run away together.

1000 love letters
cause 1000 kisses
stretched over eons.

Wars lost and won
over beauty and sorrow
with blood matching passion.

1000 love letters
leave 1000 lovers
gasping for air, lusting.

Life moves forward
expanding over land
based on papers and ink.

1000 love letters
bring 1000 tears
friendships ending.

Why has it ended, must it?
Who is she/he?
What did I do wrong?

1000 love letters
saved in 1000 boxes
keep our nostalgia working.

This love and that love
all fit in envelopes
carefully ignored.

1000 love letters
teach 1000 lessons
with and without pain.

Readiness for new love
with reminders written
in tender scripts, recalled.


The sound of your darkened voice
is a winter, suddenly lost.

I'd never felt your ancient heart
so visibly soft.

Your sadness crackles over invisible lines
while I gasp for breath.

Leftover guilts and past inactions
test current faiths.

Cycles, always present, proving themselves,
erupt in fear and surprise.

Lost time's price is itself.
Nothing can pass without transfer of funds.

The weight of regret lengthens,
steaming and unforgiving, in the chest.

Happiness depends on belief's suspension
ruined by drastic failures.

Where were we then, before all was lost
and how will we return?

Your heart is stopped by another's inability
and mine screams out too.

Pleasant Haiku

Hours lost in turn.
Under mobiles, in the dark.
Effortless jig-saw.

Haiku de Mexico

Hello again, friend.
Never left, never started.
You neon me still.