20 August, 2013

On some Shore

On some shore, any shore,
that notates the passing of time
and circumference of rocks,
we sit.

On some shore, gray shore,
which separates true love from
just lust, sand sticking with heat,
we gaze.

On some shore, sunny shore,
calming the blood and breath
with an uncanny rhythm, slow,
we rest.

On some shore, any shore,
where air meditates and Venus’
foam decorates elements,
we smile.

16 August, 2013

Baseball Haiku

With dust in our eyes,
you laugh, swing mercilessly.
Bat's taller than you!

Briny Summer

Hung up on an unlove with
the summer temperature matching
that of the blood inside veins,
this salted, vinegared season
lasts only so long as the tongue warrants.

Tastefully, with regret that
mixes with grease, bubbles dance
in between teeth and hostile
history as buses scream past and
actions are accounted for.