30 December, 2013

An Ode to All My Lovers

Each of you have tasted
some sweet, dark corner
of the inside of my heart.

My career in love began late
but gained strange momentum
courtesy of you, and you, and you.

You have seen beauty in me
while I chose to maintain an affinity
for culture and memory.

Some of you have only visited
once, by your choice or by mine,
or by the great Lady Circumstance's.

Others carefully combine the ebb
and the flow of our chemistry,
transient yet repetitive visitors.

A select few, seemingly trapped,
covered in love and charm,
discount life's impermanence with me.

Lessons have been dealt out,
anger and happiness juggled,
with intention and haphazard lusts.

Yet these lovers, all together,
are strewn like strange crumbs on a blanket
and twinkle in my memory's sky.

Heartbreak can last eons, a fall-out,
and euphoria only moments, but we agree
that hesitation is for the afterlife.

Specs Haiku

Finite days cause ease.
Vain frames suit necessities.
Let's try to make out.


The year's twilight
bakes slowly while we wait
for conclusions.

Time passes for all
at its own speed, despite
all the measures in place.

This great amount of time
we call one year leaves
behind a glow of resolve.

Calamities, betrayals, lusts
and other sequences all
lift up their spirits to toast.

02 December, 2013

I Can't Figure You Out

All our love
and all our secrets
line wicked, neoned bar walls,
subject to deadlines and hunger.

And your truths
and their boredoms
equate to a great cinnamoned
warmth, ready to celebrate.

All our love
dispatched and patchworked
and seasoned truantly,
tastes like a decade.

And your fears
and my anxiousnesses
wash off in pyramids with
bubbles and action.