31 March, 2013

April Fool

Old memories made of
carrot cake
stain freshly laid
plans bestowed upon
the young.

You fool!
Fretting and scribbling
schedules and resentments,
cake crumbs on a tiled floor,
chilled still.

Such old pain
tastes stale, nutmeg and
cinnamon unable to mask
sour stresses
unable to be resolved.

26 March, 2013

Bowling Haiku

Bears bowl while we stand.
Intergalactic setting.
Perfect idea.

17 March, 2013

We are Strangers

We are strangers.
Simply put, we are strange unto each other
Tempers fret and salted wounds tear open.
Memory claws through scarred tissue,
though we scream, and numb, and ignore.

We are strangers.
We easily assume, and are equally betrayed
Muscled, predicted rhythms carry old energy.
No matter how many erasers are rubbed, piled,
the potential of ached nostalgia proves indelible.

We are strangers.
Simply put, the see-saw we sit on mocks us
Disappointment, honest rage, and withered hope
are not enough to mask the permanent familiarity
which haunts our strangeness, reminding silently.

Sunday Haiku

Sundays are best spent
with a lover, not homework.
Ennui without end.

12 March, 2013

Future Tense

It is apparent that my writing of poetry has diminished in these past few months, due to a lack of inspiration, a surplus of hibernation, and the decision of preparation- that preparation is for my first public reading of work, set on Saturday, March 23rd at 3:00PM at the Evanston Public Library. Any and all are welcome and encouraged to attend; there will be poems about trees and animals and vegetables and broken hearts, both in Spanish and English.

After this public reading, I will resume my annual month-long "one poem a day" tradition during the month of April, and subsequently will be concentrating strictly on prose- all this will hopefully be culminating in a published piece of tangible, written word some time later this year.

Next stop, rocket-science.

Winter Ennui Haiku

Frost’s desolation.
Stereotyped sexy theme:
Spring is a climax.

Business Card Haiku

Rounded versus square.
Sans serif or italics?
Adult decisions.

Pope Haiku

Take off your big hat!
Nobody likes a quitter.
God may kick you out…