Missed Exit- Day 3

Despite the dangers of travelling by night, much of the inhabitants of the highway were frequently impressed, either by happenstance or fate (depending on which myths one followed), to travel in the dark. The highway stretched all of the longitudes of the globe, creating a zipper that neither straightened the clothing of the planet nor enticed anyone to get a closer look. Instead, this trail, reminiscent of an old pioneer Exodus nearly three hundred years ago, begged everyone to travel its curves not to expose what lay underneath but to demonstrate the physicality of its material when combined with the mathematics of humanity. For obvious reasons, one could easily become disoriented because of differences in time zones and signatures. The darkness only exacerbated this disorientation, one of the reasons for so many casualties in this highway’s history. At night was when risk increased. In the darkness was when mischief could come out to play, distracting the traveler from the laws built by man to combat the even greater laws of physics that protect the universe. To travel by night meant determination in the challenge of the voyage. It also meant disregard for success, because of the statistics that had finally been studied by those with the stomach for it.