28 September, 2014


Sun out, fielded
First to home,
rhythms of runs
and cheers up to bat.

Markers of times spent
Before and in the future
stepped on and run around

Even time used with even talent
Stunted days growing shorter
giantly swing for antigravity
lost in twilight glee.

One more time around
One more reason to run
In gloomy shade
innings are counted.

23 September, 2014

Autumn IV

Woolen memories shaken out
Unwrinkling under crisp Sun

Tilting in Space heralds nostalgia
A twinge under the nose and heart

Momentum counts now
The air is slowing down

This sloth and sweet pain
Is orange and keen

Short shadows brace themselves
For neglect and frost.

Otoño, Amor

El Otoño es lo que uno siente
Cuando se enamora

La primera vez contiene pavor
Hojas caídas, corazónes abiertos

La electricidad de la Vida
Baila en los huesos

Mañanas frescas, apuradas
Y noches largas, acompañadas

La mente corre para mantener
Calor, evidencia de interés.

Cuantos poetas inspirados por
Hojas muertas y corazones heridos

Todos los amores de la vida
Pasan por el Otoño.

La segunda vez es de reírse
Jugar bajo un Sol más débil

Energias vacilan entre
Aire libre y albergue

Miedo se convierte
En juicio y mantenimiento

El amor se reserva
Para las primaveras.

Después, uno se hace mordaz
Cada vez que se caen las hojas.

Un rojo en la Tierra
Que se siente en el alma

Cada amor complicado
Se siente más sencillo

El Otoño es amor
Cada hoja una sonrisa, lagrima

Mientras llega su magia
El amor sobrevive

12 September, 2014

First Day of School

You're big like a crayon
and still soft

Tufts of hair and enthusiasm
sprout out of you.

First day of every day
which becomes routine.

Never again will freedom ring
No, you're not special.

Its cousin, imagination,
is to be contained now.

Your merit will now
be measured in red.

Classmates dressed samely
putter around, hoarding milk.

This is a truth now
you had no decision in it.

Your experience is ancient
yet for you, almost divine.

You're still so small though,
and quite useless.


I'll scramble you
if you scramble me
Diced words and bacon fat
maybe some patience.

I'll flip it so both sides
feel and react
that smell
wakes everyone up.

You set the table
I'll bring the sauce
to keep from burning
all the toast.

Scrambled, forked, and
eaten finally, with
minced meats and careful spices
energy restores.

10,000 Miles

10,000 miles away, on a seashore,
two souls sat in sunlight.

Reading and bathing,
suddenly they were in love.

Under their fingers
in between their toes

Granules of sand and glass,
pieces of star and stone,
mixed with marrow
and heat.

10,000 miles away, on Earth's edge,
two lovers laughed about their love.

History and honesty effortlessly present,
mingling into the sand.

The switch had been activated
and all they could feel was potential.

Their love was all over their skin,
slashing them with future aches,
washing off doubt and sweat.

10,000 miles away as sun set,
they enjoyed practically everything.

Their smiles showcased this love
and created more of it on this shore.

The sea couldn't rinse them of it,
chaotically frothing white.

Quietly in love, they knew
that sun and sea would soon sleep
their euphoria to continue in dreams.