19 February, 2012


Pineapples are great because they are ready to fight
for the honor of all the other fruits.
Meticulously grouchy but semi-sweet,
these monstrous delights demand attention
and are yet coy and difficult to infiltrate.
They are respected, valiant watchmen with height
and grace and a flavor that is salivated over.

De Color Cafe

Fervientemente se ven, agotados pero sin titubeo.
La noche los cobijan; el calor que causan derrite la nieve.
Escuchan las mismas notas, y entienden el movimiento.
Si manera de definir, ellos mismos mantienen la conexión.
Sin vista ni presión, sus suspiros compartan aire y frenesí.
La noche termina con calma, ya música se acaba y se van.

Ode to Cumbia

With signature of time based
on courtship and seduction,
the sounds hypnotize, curving and reacting.

Pokey and soft,
the claves and drums battle flutes,
without attention to ego, love or fortune.

Harmonic and slow,
the poetry resides within the 2/4 rhythm,
and ancient dancers retell their past with simple turns.

07 February, 2012

Love Poem

Love this year is an aging model;
it has gotten wrinkled but is still full of sex appeal.

No longer is it patietn and unconditional,
but remains in-style like french eau de toilette.

Love this year has long hair;
it lies dark and tangled, unwashed.

No longer is it trying to impress,
but remains shiny and beaming like ribbons of light.

Love this year is plum-colored;
its hue is the rage in Milan and New York.

No longer do the past years give light,
but remain in the patchwork and season's demands.

Order of Operations

Integers beaming, kept at bay
[-inside brackets] to the exponent of 2,
divided by their reciprocals = absolute zero.

(The sum of all the parts) by 5
can only be solved in order,
over a quotient of sciences and facts.

Nobel theories are cubed and then halfed,
leaving the solution to be
reduced to its lowest possible form.