13 July, 2012

Tappan Zee Bridge

With the previous evening’s electricity still
sitting in their unwashed hairs,
they sit on a bus going past Tappan Zee.

Long-haired, sultry adventurers,
trapping others on the bridge with
their voices and vivacious force,
comment on the bridge’s structure and beauty.

They run through rain and laugh loudly on buses,
travelling through distance and time just to
keep their friendship alive without restriction or cause.


Beets are great because of their density
and act like neutron stars, full of soot and earth.
They are feminine, dyeing, infecting, seducing
others with their hypnotic juice and overwhelming hue,
but subtly reject any habitual dependencies.
They skin easily, hide their bruises, are elitist,
but can be plated and pickled and broiled like the rest.

Verano sin Ti

El verano sin ti es una gloria.
No hay necesidad de enojo, de lagrima, de peso.

El verano sin ti se siente rico.
Parece que todos los días nado en el mar.

El verano sin ti a veces aburre.
No tengo a quien quejarme del sudor y esfuerzos.

El verano sin ti causa nostalgia.
Todos los veranos viejos se quedan en la memoria.

El verano sin ti no incomoda.
Hasta los zapatos me quedan bien en los pies.

Haiku del Cuete

El cuete sube,
dejándose morir con
colores libres.

The Biped

Long, lean vertical muscles camp out
under stars, up hills, on top of dust, stretching far.

Swinging back and forth, pendulous,
these encased tendons work with friction, moving on.

Rhythmically, they bounce, keeping
a weighty frame, full of blood and water, upright.

These legs touch the ground and elevate
the body, dancing, running, kicking, standing.

Connected electrically with wired nerves,
jointed bones open possibilities for liberty, adventure.

Standing tall, on stilts of calcium and sweat,
bipedal force reaches heights that touch heavenly bodies.