12 July, 2014

1000 Love Letters

1000 love letters
sent by 1000 lovers
all say the same thing.

I'm crazy (for you)!
Are you crazy too?
Let's run away together.

1000 love letters
cause 1000 kisses
stretched over eons.

Wars lost and won
over beauty and sorrow
with blood matching passion.

1000 love letters
leave 1000 lovers
gasping for air, lusting.

Life moves forward
expanding over land
based on papers and ink.

1000 love letters
bring 1000 tears
friendships ending.

Why has it ended, must it?
Who is she/he?
What did I do wrong?

1000 love letters
saved in 1000 boxes
keep our nostalgia working.

This love and that love
all fit in envelopes
carefully ignored.

1000 love letters
teach 1000 lessons
with and without pain.

Readiness for new love
with reminders written
in tender scripts, recalled.

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