13 April, 2010

Extra Extra!

Look over there! There she is!
Where? Who?
You know who… that reporter I told you about.

She got that hat in a poker game, but I heard she was cheating.
She’s heading for the prime minister convention now;
with her piano-teacher pen and that notebook with
a moon on it.

That reporter, oh yeah, the one who has on that gazette dress…
You know, the blue one with the silver buttons
and the shoes that sound like spurs?

I bet she wears that dress to distract the powers that be.

I heard the other day that she collects bouncy balls.

You don’t say!
Isn’t she covering that story on inter-planetary relations
and people’s favorite gummi-bear color?

She always gets the best scoop.
Didn’t she used to follow French football?

Yeah and I hear she can hypnotize people with the patterns of her
scarves, skirts, eyeballs, rings.

Well, I heard that she’s good in the sack.

1 comment:

Reen said...

Let's be honest. She's AMAZING.