21 April, 2010


Headlines scream while
people do not remember
to shut the water off or
what it feels like to revolt.

Revolt: to turn away in disgust or abhorrence. To rebel against.

Lack of camaraderie,
discipline and sight
force Tomorrow to break
with all the weight of our sorrows.

Camaraderie: a spirit of familiarity and trust between friends.

Where is Passion?
Has it become diabetic?
Is it out huffing paint or dying in the desert?
Perhaps it was just romantic ideology.

Passion: boundless enthusiasm. Ardent love.

What was once believed is now
ignored, or passed off as
quaint cultural curiosities.
The guitar and ribbons on dresses are dead.

Ignore: to refuse to pay attention to. To disregard.

Youth, the only new energy created
in This existence, has fallen and is
inert, wasteful, solemn.
No one dances or sings.

Youth: the condition or quality of being young.

Surely there must be something going on.
I say at the very least:
make the rich quiver,
and the poor laugh.

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