16 April, 2010

If I Win the Lottery

If I win the lottery,
I will buy you a bunny slash baby platypus farm, where the bunnies can get old but the platypus can’t.
I will make a garden for you, filled with sunflowers and pollinating insects.
You, on the other hand, will get a new Drum Set, colored Neon Black.
For you I will invest in land, with papayas dripping from the trees and pigs rummaging through dirt.
You will have paper and ink and electricity, space-aged and perfect, new, unwrapped. For Your Work.

If I win the lottery,
You will have a wooden bar filled with elixirs from the Far East and fizzy drinks from the Left Over.
I’ll get you a house on every continent, each with different colors of air inside, so you can make metal breathe.
I will buy you a vespa. Bright Green, or Maybe White.
I’ll have for you the assurance of your place, here and there, with fancy clothes in both locations waiting.
And you will get all the erasers, in the Whole World.

If I win the Lottery,
You all will get this, and then I will send for you in a Huge Hot Air Balloon.

And we will sit and watch the light dance on the atmosphere
and dream as the sun revolves around us
and glow.


Raquel del Toro said...

Oo, I hope the bunnies and platypuses are for me.

Amaranta Isyemille said...

o sea, tipo claro que si.

Emily Forsyth Queen said...

i love love love this