25 July, 2010

Sand Dunes

I like sand dunes.

Once, in a Zoobooks magazine,
I saw a sidewinder snake
travelling through the desert
and making beautiful lines like a crazy straw.

Sand dunes are windy.

If you climb all the way to the top,
the best way to get down is
to roll as fast as gravity and
centripetal or centrifugal force can carry you.

Sand dunes change size.

I pretend to be a great explorer,
memorizing the colors of sand-grains
and making maps that showed the
unfixed and impermanent shapes and dimensions.

Sand dunes are quiet.

Though they are massive and
get yelled at by the sun and air all day,
sand dunes tend to stay peaceful and
show respect without expectation.

Sand dunes stay lazy.

You can probably hide at night
and befriend the stars and coyotes
that come out to keep the dunes cozy.
During the day, they lie still in the heat.

Sand dunes don’t smell.

They are not as arrogant as the mountain,
nor as boisterous as the sea.
Sand dunes welcome peaceful sailors
to walk on its spine-bones and dance.

1 comment:

Raquel del Toro said...

This fills me with sandy joy.