04 April, 2016

Day 4: Witchmonth

Laughing at shadows
Vanishing the sunlight
I’ve lost myself in you
so many times

All the eulogies for pasts
that ended as mirages
Swindling labyrinths that
cannot not be retraced

Things are not yet neon
but it’s no longer quite so polite
That trickster wind was here
the year before as well

This is the rejuvenation
Confusion lingers in pastel
and I am mocked by the speeds
of the wind

Luminous eulogies pop up, grinning
The last three were never read
and sunlight doesn’t recall
what it’s like to be desired

I’ve lost myself again, of course
but inside fresh mazes
Leaving past grief to be eaten up
and return with the strange winds

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