09 March, 2016

So Bright

A break from the body
and endless loops of treacherous thoughts
keeping the toxins
from leaving the head

A break from work
so few seem to enjoy or benefit from
allowing sugar and spice
to atrophy the soul

A break from love
and the future and money and potential
We’re all gorgeous and strong
and want to be free

A break from the bank
and all the crimes fantasized about
late at night
Mysteries unsolved are leftover hearts, broken

A break from solitude
Such big mouths and teeth and brains
foolishly tie us all together
Floppy, and so bright

A break from time
Memories held so dear and so tight,
they become calcified and then dust
What a comfort nothing ever stays put

A break from hatred
Oil that is dumped into the sea
filled with the dead
No one’s god is better than any other

A break from the soul
An attempt to find peace,
It is possible for everyone to rest
and to remember their own light

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