22 August, 2015

Monster Vol. 2

I want to chew on your liver,
spit it out, and laugh gleefully
I want to play tricks on the young
and frighten them into empathy
Someone tricked me too
The unruly addiction to feel
now causes hunger for offal
Monsters are ancient and live inside volcanoes
Why does anyone ever try to be kind
Cruelty is elemental
It comes from inside caves and mountains
and the sea
The world gives birth to ghouls
who frighten themselves and each other
with broken teeth and fake smiles
Your organs taste like hot soil
They are delicious
and I want to have all of them
I want you to turn into a ghost
after I’ve snatched the blood inside your heart
I know it will cause my own haunting
All monsters were originally kind
but felt tricked
after swallowing unclear perceptions
of spiky truths
They thought they understood
So instead, they ate and terrorized
and did not blink ever again
I want to eat the past, throw it up,
and stare at it until it rots

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