07 April, 2015

Heist- Day 7

Saccharine rubber disguises
cover with sweat,

The excitement glows
It is hidden in flower boxes
ready to threaten

Synchronizing time
in dull dusty suits
for the most perfect moment

Darkly-lit scenes present
players huddled with
blueprints for ambition

Some will fall short
Their disguises not slick enough
against the infection of fear

Thickened, sweaty plots
cover all possibilities
save the Fates

Old-fashioned egos
repeat the same tales
told to children at night

Them versus we
at the bank or horsetrack,
the plot is lost

The blonde fatale
Mucks up the trick
but they are all monsters

Irony fans out the score
and the egos are left sweaty
and the scene ends

No one is free
No disguise is sweet enough
The clown mask mocks

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