29 April, 2012


Spring-loaded feet
hitting and bouncing on ground
that gives back nothing but shock,
welcome the challenge of motion.

Pink, inflamed lungs
scream with delight, as sour air
is sucked in and out to give life
to the blood giving life to the cells.

Delicate knees bend and unbend,
withstanding constant turns and shifts,
supporting the ancient designs
and destinies of all those who once lived.

Ever-adjusting skin sweats out malady,
regulating the heat that the organs
give off inside, so that the muscles
move faster and faster still.

An upright spine provides posture and height
allowing for farther strides and more eyesight
and protects the highway connecting
brain to body, body to brain.

Swaying hips, able to swivel and shape
themselves according to type of action,
keep balance and functionality,
sending the body further ahead, tirelessly.

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