21 March, 2012

Theorems Set to Vowels: 30(+) Days of Poetry and Prose

The annual challenge of writing one poem per day for the entire month of April is upon me.

First begun in 2010 when living with my esposa querida, in the city of Queretaro, Mexico, it has set fuel to my writing and turned me into some sort of poet. This is strange, since I don't actually like much poetry (except for Neruda, but that's obvious).

This year I will be starting early (today) and continuing through the month of April. I will be alternating between poetry and prose (which will hopefully jump-start my latest short story that has been collecting dust for over a year).

"Theorems Set to Vowels" is the third installation of public writing composed within the parameters of my initial challenge of poetry. Make sure to check in daily for feasts of words that may or may not come together as perfectly as could be. Below is the poem to start me off:

Theorems Set to Vowels

Proven and accepted, the theorems swim through
our notebooks and memories, stating facts.

Theorems have no room for nostalgia, for feelings
of hope or anger or desperation.

Involving formulas and propositions, these statements
are calculated adventures set to controlled variables.

Without the unknowns to prove what is innately understood,
the theorems lose their spark and no longer have purpose.

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