06 August, 2011

Keeping Away from Love

Keeping away from love
is something I do not know how to do.

Though love is all-encompassing,
it is mercurial, fleeting, mysterious, bossy and unkind.

Keeping away from love
is like not getting lice in grammar school.

Though it is possible,
most are plagued with itchy, flaky, heart palpitations.

Keeping away from love
is a worthwhile exercise in religion, mathematics, and literature.

Though we use algorithms,
We forget the psalms and comma splices enter quickly.

Keeping away from love
saves time, is efficient, non-poetic and sensible.

Though on a schedule,
we skip lunches and procrastinate in order to feel passion.

Keeping away from love
is like ceasing to play guitar for the rest of time.

Though unrealistically demanding,
We always want the serenades from the ones that don’t know how.

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