06 April, 2011


My favorite bird is the duck because its voice starts with a Q.
Its cartoonish life and royal green head create phosphorescent smiles.
The duck waddles because its legs are short and its abdomen is robust.
This design is perfect for amphibious assaults.

The ostrich comes in second place, head buried because of it.
They are strong and stoic and rigorous and ill-tempered:
a perfect invitation to love.
With their speed and elegance, they fool all by spitting.

The penguin walks around in formal wear,
torpedoing through icy waters, imitating weapons.
Above water they are social, clumsy, in love and cold.
Under water they glide and sing and gobble with great might.

Cardinals are nice birds too.
The women aren’t as flashy as the Post Office Red males.
Black beady eyes make them look like criminals who can’t get away with anything.
Their fauxhawks make them look like hipsters waiting for new songs.

Toucans are just ridiculous.
A novelty cereal mascot and treasure of the rainforest,
these beaked rainbows show off nature’s sense of humor and color-wheel science.
They show off exotic vintage posters.

The pelican is wise and prehistoric-looking.
They are fishermen and have biology which keeps emissions low.
They waste not and fare well in all weather.
They are the keepers of time and demonstrators of evolution.

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