26 November, 2010


The solstice draws itself closer
as the air fades from summer cottons to winter glass.
Our world’s tilt makes it snow.

Bears are sleeping,
and geese use compasses and astrolabes.
They all dream of mai-tais and sunlight.

We use scarves and heated water in pipes
to soothe our skin and keep our hearts pumping.
It’s easier if we use multiple bloods.

Some of us live like this all year round,
with igloos and ice-skates and snow-games.
They have pet seals and use furs.

Others prefer the peace of hot chocolate
and board games around a fire, a-la Norman Rockwell.
Jack Frost peaks in and laughs.

Life isn’t dead but the temperature is slow,
and makes life slow too.
There are less smiles to go around.

There are holiday smells and sounds,
Like fa-la-la and hot toddies.
We comfort ourselves with our senses.

Winter time makes it hard to breathe,
but children still manage to create and laugh.
Let’s dig and shout and melt and wait.

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