11 April, 2011

Ice Cream Vendor

One year ago today,
I was probably sitting at a desk and writing some ditty
much like this one.

Heart broken, sun beating down,
my wife in the next room
recording linguistic sounds for thesis research.

Walking to and from the
Soriana and waiting for Friday to eat
eggs made of European cocoa.

Happiness is always
measured in the context and rhythm
of your current brain wave and blood pressure tempo.

The definition wavers and changes
depending on that which is available
and that which stimulates the five senses.

Fast forward to now and
the scenery has changed to the level of
nausea and throw-up.

If there were no such thing as memory
or sequence, there would be no way of
situating the changes or feelings of one moment to the next.

Today my heart is not broken,
the sun is not as yellow
and my wife is still in her room somewhere, though not next to mine.

I was happy then,
I am happy now.
Though the winds change and time passes.

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