21 April, 2011

70's Chola

Magnificent chola moxxy
combines treachery confidently.
Huge tacky hoops
swing , calling sexily,
escuchando with enthusiasm.

Bangs follow boldy
proving with pandemonium
loyalty and looseness.
Gigantic words gouge
all others attempts.

Vato, come on, vavoso!
Undulating curves utter
jargon creating jumpiness
without grammar woes.
O sea, ese, Órale!

Trousers flaring triumphantly;
Femininity underlines ferocity.
Deafening laughter discounts
reputations and risks.
Nice, but naughty.

Interesting and inticing,
Queen of quirky
kicks and krumps.
Zoot-suiters look, zipping
yellow flies, yelling,

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