16 February, 2011


Thinking about it from a biological point of view,
your mouth is sincere and crucial.
You need it the mostest!

Sure, you can smile with it.
And beam at me with your light and chemistry,
causing me to fall in love more.

You use it for comfort,
slobbering over hands, fingers, plastics.
Your exploration begins here.

Better yet, you can use it to drink and eat,
every hour on the hour.
You cough up excess and gain weight.

One day you’ll learn how to laugh,
but for now, your noises are less emotive.
Hiccup, cough, burp, grunt, yell, sigh.

Most of all, the tool is for saying
“I am here”, please don’t forget.
I see you and you see me.

Without it, your face would look creepy.
Imagine such a beautiful new face without
its hole to balance out the rest.

Most importantly, because of your age-paralysis,
you’d be left lonely, sad, hungry, cold, upset.
Your existence is based around it.

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