01 February, 2011

Let's Get Our Love On

Don’t you think it’s about time
we sorted this whole thing out?
I’m pretty sure you feel the same way
as I do.

That being said,
I cordially invite you to whip up some
adventure and intrigue so that we
can start anew.

I have all the ingredients
on the kitchen table and have the oven pre-heating.
All you have to do is follow the recipe.
And Voila!

Once it’s in the oven,
all we’ll have to do is wait patiently
for the steam to boil through and
yeast to rise.

I think it only takes forty-five minutes or so.
In the meantime, we can play Yahtzee.
As our love-soufflé tries to well…

Just let me know if I have the right measurements.
I think that, given our muscles and memories,
we probably won’t even need to
study the recipe.

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