10 April, 2016

Day 10: Anguish

Follow me no more
Stop absorbing
my twisted bones’ marrow
Stop setting
your unfathomable eyes on mine
as you rest against my breast
Stop stealing
my breath
Stop drawing
your portrait in my mind
Stop exchanging
bouquets of funereal crowns
Stop waiting for me
at corners, in mirrors, photographs,
poems, clouds, shadows, dreams

Somersault your heart, inject it with the light
in between the yellow-green leaves
Don’t fool yourself
The world grows and shrinks
with the rise and fall of your breast
With your gait, you change the rhythm
with which the snakes under your feet slide
The sun warms you the same as corn, ivy,
honeysuckle, chives, lilies, maguey.

**original poem "Angustia" by Rachel Thorson Hernandez, translated to English

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