13 March, 2016

Watching the Apples Grow

Let’s go watch the apples grow
Eat! Feel holy
It’s going to take a very long time

And I am only devout to myself

When did you pick your first sin?
How many can you carry away?
I don’t understand your venoms at all

You have no faith in your own glow

Watching apples grow
in the light that has stretched so long
There is so much that stays, leftover

I don’t want to eat in the shade
And I don’t understand
How can you hate someone
who has experienced true love

Go into the dark and pray alone, for yourself
If we sat together in ancient light
would we grow in front of one another
with all those sins, in all those baskets?

I believe in apples, and light, and dark

Be holy only to yourself, and understand
Eat, as if it were your own heart,
and watch the apples grow

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