03 September, 2015


Two thousand fall into the sea
This is not a romantic migration
This is fear, and last resorts

We bat our eyelids in confusion

You can see pictures of dead children
washed up on a foreign shore
scrolling on a waterproof phone

Our horrors turn into social trends

Words like geopolitical climate
are just as destructive as mortar shells
and ruthless faith shot out of machine guns

All gods have failed us always

Refugees do not have time for frivolous
existential debates on true love and art
over glamorous cocktails and sardonic laughs

They have dead children on foreign shores

Guilty words set to rhythm
are just as cheap
Empathy won't keep boats afloat

Even heartfelt guilt is a luxury

There is fury and misplaced judgment
There is fear and macabre endings
There is separation: us and them

Controlled divisions break eventually

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