23 August, 2015

Monster Vol. 3

How does one become devout
How does one remove filth from the soul
left there by others’ hearts
I was eaten in the desert
The monster told me cowards taste the best
Their loneliness is the sweet fruit from trees
I have never uttered a prayer before
When I met this monster, I felt useful
but we tricked each other into thieving time
I wanted to understand its attention
It asked to eat my heart
It said that was the only way
to give me anything
I taste bitter but am ripe
No one knows how to listen to my scripture
I gave in, and it ate in frenzy
I tried not to feel but the habit fits too well
Yet I still do not know how to waver
As the monster finished, it asked me to sing
laughing at both of our tears,
my blood stained on wooden teeth
I have no faith in commiserating
I kept quiet, the monster stared

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