07 July, 2015

Cold Summer

I miss you, Summer
I’m listening to Tosca
over and over

I miss you

It’s too cold out to sweat
I’ve barely started to sweat at all
I miss you, Summer

Are you going to be back
next year?
Did you get a new job?

Summer, I miss you

I miss the fan’s humming
and pain from the sunlight
bouncing off shiny things
and children beet-red, running
and fireflies
and sweat

Summer, I miss fireflies

I don’t know why it isn’t happening
this time around
But it seems
everyone’s in fog
because we miss you

I miss your comedy
and my reaction

I miss how you felt on me
I want to feel that

I want melted popsicle breath

I miss you and I listen to Tosca
because I'm not sweaty
and there are no fireflies

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