23 November, 2014

In November

Joy touched down one evening,
unmade plans and unsure thoughts
bright smiles in blue

Each smile in a champagne bubble
floating to the top of a glass
bursting with glow

A reunion based in another time
the grooves had been pressed in before,
the beats already known

The Pacific air cut through those souls
dancing in each other’s shadows
drinking them in

Love in a vacuum still acts the same
heat under hearts and blankets
follow the tempo

What could have been, was,
no weight of expectation
a perfect vacuum

Songs hoisted out of lungs
to serenade one another all contained
ideal melodies

Songs and sunlight and melancholic operas
being savored by two explorers in a
tiny bed

These pure champagne-tinged moments
burst quickly, memories quaking with
pleasure and pain

Once the bottles were empty and
bubbles were gone,
the songs paused

The vacuum opened to a larger one
explorers parted ways to make new tales
for each other

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