12 September, 2014

10,000 Miles

10,000 miles away, on a seashore,
two souls sat in sunlight.

Reading and bathing,
suddenly they were in love.

Under their fingers
in between their toes

Granules of sand and glass,
pieces of star and stone,
mixed with marrow
and heat.

10,000 miles away, on Earth's edge,
two lovers laughed about their love.

History and honesty effortlessly present,
mingling into the sand.

The switch had been activated
and all they could feel was potential.

Their love was all over their skin,
slashing them with future aches,
washing off doubt and sweat.

10,000 miles away as sun set,
they enjoyed practically everything.

Their smiles showcased this love
and created more of it on this shore.

The sea couldn't rinse them of it,
chaotically frothing white.

Quietly in love, they knew
that sun and sea would soon sleep
their euphoria to continue in dreams.

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