30 April, 2013

The Kissing Cult- Day 30

On the hunt for
the perfect kiss,
o’er mountains and
under bridges
and through time,
the prime character
searches, kissing
countless creatures
whilst unable to
remember just how
this hunt began.

Relinquishing her
capacity to feel,
the heroine moves
quickly and silently,
never harassing
but easily able to
convince anyone
who crosses her
haphazard pass
to kiss her, foolishly
not understanding.

Soon, drawn by the
primal search for that
which seems to be
unmistakably true,
our protagonist is
followed by those
she has already been
able to enchant,
themselves bitten
by the quest for the
perfect, complete kiss.

She ignores them,
as they failed her tests,
failed to give her
the chance to turn
back on the organs
in her middle, but lets
them follow behind.
Nothing gets in her way;
her resolve keeps her
safe, tends to her wants,
and maintains strength.

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