30 April, 2012

The Pig

Earnest, pink, and mammalian,
the friendly pig snorts and pokes through life,
full of potential and brains,
but incapacitated by its fatness.

Poor, fat, meat-beast!
You are beloved by all, yet your worth is ignored.
No true enemies plague your dreams,
but you remain sad, and round, and solitary.

The lovely, squealinq, meated pig
can clean and run and sing.
Yet, no one admires it physique or beauty;
its marbled flesh is salty and juicy.

Poor, fat, pink pig!
You walk with curiosity
and socially attempt to impress and connect,
but all we see is your great volume and circumference.

1 comment:

Cupp O said...

there was an old joke about a pig with two wooden legs,
man asks why and farmers replies
"saved all our lives on night
from a burning fire...
pig like that you don't eat all at once."

not quite a dog, not quite a rodent.
smart enough to acknowledge,
delicious enough to kill.

don't even get me started on the
unflattering religious portrayals.