04 November, 2011


Three trick-or-treaters
covered in white (bedsheets)
black (witch’s hat)
gray (newspaper),
walk through the autumnal atmosphere
in hopes of gaining calories and smiles.

These three trick-or-treaters
of all different shapes, heights, and intention,
bend down boulevards (Logan)
avenues (Albany)
alleys (spooky),
pausing only to catch up to each other.

Our three trick-or-treaters
bind to each other like valence (electrons)
glue (Elmer’s)
maché (paper)
even at dark hours and with
cumbersome feelings and costumes.

The three trick-or-treaters
marked in cottons (ghost)
velvet (bruja)
paper (conquistador),
head to a house, warmed by patience,
to divide sucrose and part ways.

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