11 September, 2011

The Witch

Enticing devilish men
who have white beards and grey souls,
the Witch (la bruja) sends her curses on.

Bewitchingly calm,
she uses trances and tricks to
serenade and seduce all those who combat her.

Her cauldron is carried
on her back, with bubbles spewing
out, sphered and cubed and black.

Her hands are bejeweled;
ancient stones and metals convince
all around her that she is all-powerful.

She walks silently,
slightly hunched but always slender,
looking as loud as a shadow.

The witch (la bruja) makes potions
from cloves and other plants,
pushing love and hate onto innocents.

She has force inside
her weary soul, tattered by wind
and strengthened by newts.

Her seduction is absolute,
with hair like tar and eyes
that burn, frenetic and neon.

This witch is premium,
real, magicked and wicked-
she denies nothing and remembers all.

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