08 July, 2010

Fecal Matter

Once there was a great mysterious whale
who lived under the sea with Disney characters.
The whale was a girl whale, and she smiled a lot.
She smiled because she had braces as a calf
and wanted to show off her pearly baleen.

This she-whale had always been unpopular.
She enjoyed maritime literature much more so than
the popular activities her pod was so involved with.
The whale knew the ocean well, but wondered why no one liked her.
She was happy, but lonely.

One day she decided to go on an adventure, in the hopes she'd fit in.
Spring Break 2010! Finally!
She packed her overnight bag, pierced her fin, and even
BBMed her other whale friends so that they'd see
that she was up with the times.

Surprisingly, no one was interested in the Gulf that year.
"OMG, that was soooo 2009!" they giggled and splashed salt at her.
Everyone knew that the hotspot this year was the Bay of Bengal.
So she went alone, blowing through her hole,
not stopping until she got there.

Then the whale got covered in putrid poisonous black oil.
She couldn't breathe, and soon stopped smiling.
Her baleen wasn't white anymore and her blowhole got stuck.
No book had ever told her that the water could turn into sludge.
"Glug glug glug," she cried.


Raquel del Toro said...

It makes me want to DIE!

Amaranta Isyemille said...

don't die, carrot.

Raquel del Toro said...

Dude seriously. I just read it again and it kills my soul. And makes me want to ride a bike. Good job:D