27 April, 2010


My girlfriend is severe with me.
She is severe and soft and knows when I sin.

When I sin, my girlfriend laughs.
She knows that I sin only because it matches my outfit.

My girlfriend is the only person in the world
who knows that I know that she knows that I know.

We know.

My girlfriend shares my tongue, and we speak
back and forth between eras, countries, psychologies.

She is beautiful.
She thinks I am beautiful.

My girlfriend still loves me even though
I left her for something I'm not even sure I have found, or will find.

She knows I am incapable of decision
yet full of courage and promise and dedication.

As I laugh and tear up and vomit my passions
she sits and says "no jodas tanto".

The first time I saw her, I knew I was in love.
This queen of organized chaos, this lover of love.

She teaches me daily, without her even being aware.
We can leave each other crying and know there are no judgments.

Though we've never made love, we know we don't need to.
She withstands my inadequacies with the strength only she has.

My girlfriend understands my curse of magnetism
because she had been cursed once too.

Perhaps she still is.

My girlfriend is my soul mate because
she knows I don't believe in the soul and she doesn't care.

Her energy and my reliance make us powerful adversaries
because we both believe in energy, and time, and love.

I love her.

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